A skid steer can be used for a number of applications. You might need one during the winter to help clear snow from your driveway. It is also great for excavations, construction work, and landscaping. Most of these applications are seasonal, which means that it might not be economical to buy one. 

The next best option is renting one. Since there are many companies renting out this utility vehicle, your responsibility is figuring out the qualities that you should be looking for when renting one. Here are three simple guidelines that will help you rent a skid steer that's suitable for your needs.

Have You Analyzed Your Project Needs?

The first step should be analyzing what your project needs. There are many models of skid steers in the market, and each of them has its unique features and capacities. If you are carrying out an excavation ahead of a driveway paving job, you will need a different model than what would work for you if you were carrying out snow removal and cleanup service.

If you are not sure about these features and specifications, the best thing to do would be to speak to a skid steer rental company about your project. When you describe the project to the rental company, they will help you pick the ideal model. 

Have You Figured Out What Size of a Skid Steer You Need?

The rental costs depend on the size of the skid steer. Larger rentals will be more powerful and effective for power-intensive projects. However, they will also be very expensive, which might not work for you if you are running a project on a budget.

On the other hand, if you rent a small loader because it is the most affordable, you will negatively affect the efficient running of the project and spend more time on it than you should. The best thing is to try and establish a balance between size and cost. 

Have You Factored in the Optimal Lifting Capacity?

The most important feature of a skid steer is how much weight it can lift. The lifting capacity is usually rated in pounds. If you need a skid steer for small excavation jobs and snow removal, you can pick one with a low capacity. On the other hand, choose a loader with a bigger lifting capacity for the bigger projects.

Other factors to think about are the comfort of the rider and the available attachment. When you rent the skid steer from a reliable company, you are assured of efficiency and quality results.