When you rely on heavy equipment for your business operation, it is just as important to have a reliable service help you maintain that equipment as it is to invest in quality equipment from the start. While you may already work with one of these shops to tend to your maintenance and repair needs, you should know that many offer far more than just mechanical repairs. Here is a look at some of the additional services that may be offered. 

Custom part fabrication services may be offered. 

Heavy equipment pieces are a lot different than ordinary vehicles in the fact that finding quality replacement parts can be a lot harder in some situations. These equipment pieces are designed to last for decades and keep on going, which is great for the buyer, but also means that parts can become more and more difficult to find over the years. Heavy equipment service shops often double as machine shops where custom parts can be fabricated for the equipment pieces that are hard to fit with new parts. If you have a piece of farm machinery or construction equipment that needs a new part that you cannot find, check with a local heavy equipment service. They may be able to create whatever it is that you need. 

Professional equipment inspections may be provided. 

Do you have a bulldozer, dump truck, loader, or skid steer that needs to be inspected? If so, a heavy equipment service tech can probably help you out. Because these professionals are well-versed in all types of heavy machinery, they are usually trained to do inspections for safety, mechanical function, and more. For example, if a crane you own has to have an inspection report before you put it up for sale, this is something the service shop can probably help you achieve without an issue. 

Access to special tools may be available. 

When a professional from a heavy equipment service is called in to work on something, they have to have all of the right tools to get things done. Many times, the tools that are necessary are far different than tools you would pick up at a regular store. In the event you need to invest in a special tool that you have not been able to find anywhere else, check with the heavy equipment service; they may be able to help you get your hands on whatever it is that you need through their own suppliers.