You may find it laughable that a natural disaster like an earthquake could somehow take out a lot of your construction equipment. However, it has happened, and if it happens to you, do you know how you would resolve this problem? It stands to reason that you should be prepared for any and all unbelievable curve balls life throws at you, so if you have never thought about this particular problem, here is how to approach it when it hits you.

1. Make Sure Everyone on Your Crew Is Safe and Accounted For

An earthquake can be merciful or it can be deadly. When it shakes hard enough in just the "right" place, it can send large pieces of your construction equipment over an edge down a steep embankment, over a cliff, and even into a body of water. Your primary concern, however, should be your crew. Make sure everyone is present and accounted for, and hopefully, safe. If not, the missing crew members may need rescuing. 

2. Work Must Move Forward

Construction work does not stop, regardless of weather. You will have to hire a company that deals in the retrieval of your equipment. Towing vehicles with power winches, cranes, and boat cranes that can pull your equipment up and out of the areas it fell into has to happen. While that is underway, you will need to find some contractors' equipment rentals to help you and your crew carry on the work.

3. Get Your Equipment Rentals, and Get Them Delivered

Your crew may need to do a little site cleanup after an earthquake. Ergo, you will need to find the construction equipment from a rental company, pay for at least a week's rental (it will probably take that long to retrieve what you had that fell), and then ask the rental company to deliver your rentals. Most construction rental companies understand that contractors are a little too busy to come fetch the equipment they have rented, so they offer a delivery service.

If there is a construction rental location near your that offers delivery of the equipment you need, you may want to take advantage of that. Then members of your crew do not have to break from what they are doing to go get the equipment. The equipment comes to you, and everyone continues work as usual. You can schedule for pick-up of said equipment once your own equipment has been fully recovered.

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