When you stop in at an equipment rental store, you will find all kinds of tools and pieces of equipment to suit just about any project you can imagine. However, you will also find those rentable objects that you may have never even known existed or thought that you needed. Ground protection mats are one of those items that you will find available at the majority of equipment rental stores. These mats can be used for everything from construction to outdoor events. Here is a look at a few times when renting a ground protection mat would be a good idea. 

You're Renting a Large Piece of Equipment

Perhaps you are planning to rent a small excavator to dig a pond, or maybe you are renting a backhoe to dig an area for a water line. These large pieces of equipment are exceptionally heavy, and some are set up on tracks. This means that when the piece of equipment hits a soft ground surface, it can leave unsightly marks and impressions that can take you weeks to mend after a project is complete. Renting a ground protection mat and installing it in the area where the equipment will be unloaded will protect your ground from damage. This can be especially helpful if the ground is soft due to excess moisture or a recent bout of rain. 

You're Planning a Home Expansion 

During the process of building a home addition, you will have contractors spending a lot of time on the property surrounding that particular area of your home. There will be lumber stacks, tools used, and a lot of foot traffic that can damage your lawn and landscape. Ground protection mats will prevent the property surrounding the area of your planned expansion from getting damaged. These mats are made of tough materials like rubber and foam so they can stand up well to the heavy traffic and prevent damage to your property throughout the project. 

You're Renting a Dumpster 

If you are planning to rent a roll-off dumpster, you will need to have a stable place on your property for the dumpster to be placed. These dumpsters have wheels on the base to allow them to be rolled off of the truck and onto the ground. Therefore, if the ground is not stable, the dumpster cannot effectively be rolled into place. Ground protection mats will work well if you need a dumpster in an area where there is no concrete, blacktop, or gravel.