If you need to replace the air filters in your construction-grade air compressor that you use in your business, it helps to know what your choice are. Here is a quick rundown of the top four different types of compressed air filters that your business can use.

#1 Coalescing Filter 

A coalescing filter is designed to pull moisture out of the air. It is also designed to pull and remove oil particles that are in the air from it. If there are any solid impurities in the air, coalescing filters are also capable of removing these impurities from the air before the air goes through your system. These types of filters work the best at removing solid impurities from the air but can also remove oil and moisture from the air.

If you are running a machine in an area where oil is frequently used or expelled by nearby machines, this can be a great filter.

#2 Charcoal and Vapor Filters

Both charcoal and vapor filters use the same principles to filter the air. Sometimes, charcoal filters are also referred to as activated carbon treatment filters.

Both charcoal and vapor filters work best at removing dirt and other organic materials from your air. They are used in a variety of industries ranging from medical facilities to sewage treatment facilities. They are good at creating "pure" air that is free of many contaminants.

#3 High Particulate Filters

High particulate filters are designed to work in really hot environments. They are frequently used around and on machinery that generates a significant t amount of heat. These types of filters strength is removing extremely small particles, that are as small as a couple of micrometers, from the air. They are generally capable of getting rid of almost all the dust from the air before it is pushed through your system.

These types of filters are ideal for really hot and dusty environments, such as areas where lots of high-temperature machines are being used and lots of product and raw materials are being moved around.

#4 Compressed Intake Filters

These types of filters are really all-purpose. They are designed to remove both dirt and dust particles, oil and even unwanted chemicals from the air. Compressed intake filters work well in environments where all three of these types of contaminants are present and where both clean and dry air are needed.

The type of filter you need really depends upon the unique needs of your air compressor and business.