Constructing a parking garage for your office building can seem like a simple process, but there are many factors to consider so that the structure is affordable, safe, and sturdy. You might not have heard about post-tension concrete slabs, but they may be a more attractive selection than conventional concrete. Here are five reasons that might be.

They Are Stronger

Post-tension concrete slabs are so named because the concrete has been poured using process referred to as "pre-stressing." The process makes the concrete stronger than the alternative. Because of that strength, post-tension slabs are excellent for parking garages that have to deal with the weight of multiple vehicles going in and out of it each day.

They Are More Damage-Resistant

Because of the pre-stressing process, the resulting slabs are generally better able to handle changes in temperature on a day-to-day basis; they are less likely to crack and chip, which can save you a lot of money over time because your maintenance costs are unlikely to be as high as if you had chosen conventional concrete.

They Are Good for Unstable Soil

If you live in a location that has higher levels of clay in the soil, that soil is sometimes called unstable. Building conventional concrete foundations in unstable soil can be a challenge because the soil beneath it is susceptible to shifting, which could lead to cracks and other problems. Post-tension slabs are more likely to hold their ground and keep their shape because of the pre-stressing process.

They Are Cheaper

Post-tension slabs are generally more affordable than the alternative. Typically, that's because they are thinner; less concrete is used to create them. Therefore, your cost for materials won't be as high.

They Allow for Creativity

Because the slabs themselves are thinner and more affordable, if you want the design of your parking garage to be a bit more attractive or creative, post-tension slabs allow for this. You and your contractor can come up with a design that you feel is complementary to your company's own branding and style; you'll be able to do this knowing that post-tension slabs won't end up costing substantially more.

Now that you've got a more knowledgeable understanding of how post-tension concrete can be a good material to use for your parking garage, it's time to have a chat with a contractor like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC. They can give additional information about how these slabs may benefit you.