When you own a large warehouse full of heavy equipment and large quantities of inventory, you can feel limited to the area that you are in for growth. A warehouse's location is key to its success, and what may have worked for your company in the past may not be the same today. If you need to relocate your warehouse due to easier transportation access or something similar, you can save yourself the hassle and disorganization by hiring a plant relocation service to do the work for you. Here is what you can expect as part of the process.

Customized move via project management

Every large move requires a plan, and a plant relocation service knows that each client has different needs than the last. You will sit down with a project manager to discuss the varying aspects of your warehouse move, such as the equipment you need to have transported to your new location and any alternate routes semis must travel to get larger items to their new destination. Before the move takes place, the manager will show you a detailed plan for what is being moved when and how long the entire relocation process should take. 

Part of the relocation process includes insuring your warehouse and its contents for transport. This is something your business lawyer, insurance agent, and project manager for the move can help you with as part of your relocation plan.

Safe, reliable execution

Since you will be moving large pieces of equipment, such as forklifts and pallets, and have massive amounts of inventory you need to move, you want to make sure that everything reaches its destination safely and on time. Your project manager for your warehouse relocation project will give you contact information for the personnel they have moving your items as well as an itinerary as to when certain inventory will be moved and when. You will be given updates when your warehouse belongings make it to certain destinations along the way so you have peace of mind about where your relocation efforts are at all times. When your equipment and inventory reach their final destination you will be notified and can be given the option to be present when these items are placed in your new warehouse or you can opt to let the moving company place them for you.

Speak to your project manager for your warehouse relocation efforts about your desires during the transport process.