Automotive machine shops serve many purposes and offer many services that a mechanic might need. Most of these things require special equipment and precision tools that are cost prohibitive to the average automotive shop. From precision machining to custom hydraulic lines and fittings, these services are a key part of custom work on cars, trucks, and other automotive applications

Chemical Cleaning and Inspection

When an engine is rebuilt or overhauled by a mechanic, there are some important parts that need to be prepped before assembling the new engine. The engine block needs to be cleaned and inspected for defects or damage. The oil, dirt, and sludge need to be removed from the block with a chemical cleaning process called hot tanking. This service is one offered in machines shops and is pretty dangerous so not commonly found in other places. 

Machining Services

Machine shops offer many different kinds of machining services. From resurfacing brake drums and discs to machining the cylinder in an engine block, these jobs have to be done with precision or they can be very damaging to the vehicle. In some cases a dealership may have the tools to do this work but most smaller shops will not.

Hydraulic Hoses and Lines

If you need a custom hydraulic line or hose for your project or custom vehicle, a machine shop that offers hydraulic service can make one for you. Hard or soft lines can be made to length with custom ends to fit your needs. If you are restoring a vehicle, remove the old lines and take them to the shop so they can use them as a pattern to make you new lines that will fit exactly as the originals did. For custom runs, you can bend a piece of coathanger wire or welding wire into the shape you need then bring it in so the tech can use it as a template.

Custom Parts and Accessories

Sometimes you will need a completely custom part made for your project. A machine shop is a great place to start. Talk to the techs in the shop and see if they can make what you need for your car. You may need have it engineered or designed first and a drawing made by the machinist to work from before the part can be made. A good machinist will be able to follow the drawing and complete the part for you but it could come at a cost. Talk to the shop before you start the project to get and idea about the costs associated with it.